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Terms + Conditions
Rules for the Blogger's Closet - Kids =>

1. You must join the Blog Like a Mom FB Group - this is where we can discuss different ideas, issues and help each other navigate selling on Facebook.
2. Keep in mind that you are representing your blog/brand - you will likely gain some new followers from selling in the group. We have bloggers of various followings and different styles. Our goal is to be size and style inclusive and we will continue to grow with demand.
3. Prices should include shipping and fees. (Unless there is a size/weight reason not to), for multiple purchases you are expected to combine shipping (we can help you ship efficiently)
4. To begin selling, you must share the group on all of the following channels as they apply to you: Facebook Page, Facebook Group, IG with swipe up or link in bio if under 10K, Email newsletter. One of the reason's the Women's page has been so successful is because we have essentially pooled our followers, who feel like they know us and already like our style (or they wouldn't still be around).
5. We are a collaborative group. We don't do the competitive thing - we celebrate each other's successes and help one another out when we can. If this isn't your style, then the group probably isn't for you.
6. You are agreeing to send a Paypal invoice so that your buyer has Paypal protection. We do not allow gifting of funds (unless you are selling to someone you know and can handle it privately behind the scenes.
7. The use of affiliate links: Affiliate Links may be used in your sales if you are linking to the EXACT item for reference. Otherwise, they are not to be used on the board. Affiliate Links must always be disclosed and you should follow program rules (some networks & programs do not allow links to be placed in groups you do not own, TBC - Kids Edition will not be responsible for potential network removal for failure to follow guidelines)
8. Self-Promotion - you are allowed to tag your page or add a link to your IG on your sales posts. You are not allowed to share blog posts or promote otherwise (unless you have permission from admin)
9. You agree to ship any items purchased within 5 Business Days.
Seller Fees
For sellers, The Blogger's Closet Kids has a competitive Seller Membership Subscription fee schedule. Fees are as follows:

Initial Membership Fee (this covers the administrative set up as well as any mentoring necessary to sell efficiently online):
5,000-10,000 single channel followers - $100
10,001 - 25,000 single channel followers - $50
25,001 - 50,000 single channel followers - $25
50,001+ single channel followers - $0

Monthly Subscription Fee: $20/month recurring fee through Paypal. If you wish to cancel, you must do so before the next month is billed, otherwise your cancellation will be effective at the next cycle.

Reactivation Fee: $50 each occurrence. The intent is for Sellers to be an integrated part of the community. You may not always have items to sell, but the group will continue to offer promotion and growth opportunities for involved Bloggers.

Unlike eBay or other marketplaces, there is no per item fee or percent of sales taken. Your costs to sell in the group above the membership fees are Paypal fees and shipping.
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