Tech Trailblazers
Tech Trailblazers Mini-Camp at Kramden Institute
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Free 2-Day Mini-Camp. Kick off the summer with STEM!

Kramden Institute’s Tech Trailblazers STEM mini-camp offers fun, hands-on experience building and repairing computers. Get a sneak peek inside the world of Information Technology (IT)!

* Learn about computers and the basics of IT!
* Explore careers in technology!
* Build your own computer to keep!

Who Can Participate? Students in grades 6-9 who qualify for free or reduced price lunch at school. Priority will be given to students who do not have good access to a home computer.

Apply to participate by filling out this form. Space is limited. Selected students will be notified by May 20.

Schedule: June 13 & 14, 2019, from 9 am to 4 pm

Location: 4915 Prospectus Drive, Suite J, Durham NC 27713

Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the camp. Earliest drop-off is 8:30 and latest pickup is 4:30 pm. Students must bring their own lunch. Snacks and water will be provided.

Learn about technology skills and careers:
- Hardware: Take apart a computer. See what’s inside and how it works.
- Software: Install an operating system and test programs.
- Networking and the Internet: Create wired and Wifi Internet connections.
- Build a computer to take home! The computer is yours to keep.

Questions? Call Marshall Burkes at Kramden at (919) 293-1133 or email

Kramden Institute ( is a non-profit providing technology tools and training to bridge the digital divide.

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Terms of Acceptance of Equipment: As a condition to my receipt of equipment provided by Kramden Institute (“Kramden”), I agree (for myself and any minor child) that Kramden and its partners will not be responsible for any adverse event of any kind resulting from the use of the equipment or software including identity theft, and data loss. I agree to use reasonable efforts to ensure that the equipment and software are used in a responsible manner and only for legal and ethical activities. I acknowledge the refurbished equipment is provided as is with no guarantee of warranty.

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