Equation practice
Work Done
A box is pushed with a force of 50N a distance of 10m. Calculate the work done. *
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Spring Force
A spring is stretched to an extension of 0.3m. The spring constant is 10N/m, calculate the Force applied to the spring. *
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Gravitational Potential Energy
Calculate the Gravitational potential energy of a ball of mass 0.5kg held at a height of 10m. Gravitational field strength = 9.81N/kg. *
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Resultant Force
Calculate the acceleration of a car with resultant force of 10KN and mass of 2000kg. *
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Charge Flow
The current flowing in a circuit is 2mA. Calculate the charge flow after a period of 1 hour. *
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Potential Difference
Calculate the Potential difference across a resistor of 10ohms, with a current of 2A flowing through it. *
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Power Rating
If the power rating of a lightbulb is 40W, calculate the current through the bulb if the potential difference across the bulb is 12V. *
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Electrical Energy Transfers
Calculate the energy transferred to a motor if the charge flow is 30C and the potential difference across the motor is 12V. *
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A wave with a frequency of 2MHz travels at 300,000 km/s. Calculate the wavelength.
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