Spring League 2018 Wait List
** DON'T FORGET: to be eligible to participate in League, you must be a dues-paying member for the 2018 year before you can finalize registration - no exceptions! Pay here: https://nyramblers.com/membership/choose/
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SEASON INFO (please read carefully)
It is essential to team building and continuity, as well as integrity of the draft, that you are eligible for most, if not all of your games. If you know you'll miss 4 or more games please do not register.

Game Play: 7v7, 6 + a keeper, sub on the fly, no off-sides
Number of teams: 12 - pending permits
Game Location: Pier 40 West Courtyard, 3 Fields
Game Times: 8:30p & 9:15p (you'll play one weekly)
Game Length: 2 x 20 min halves with 2:00 half time

Spring League Format (NEW)
This season we are trying a different (and awesome!) approach to organizing league play. For the first five games of the season, all teams (12 teams total) will participate in round robin play. At the conclusion of the five games, teams will be sorted according to their records into a Premier League division and a Champions League division (any ties will be decided by goal differential). The six teams with the best record will enter the Premier League, while the remaining six teams will enter the Champions League. Within each league, all teams will play each other once for a total of five games. At the conclusion of those five games, the top four teams from each league will make the playoffs, which will consist of semifinals and a final. The winning team from each league will then compete against each other for the season title.

Updated 4/21/2018

Champions Division, seed 1 through 6
Premier Division, seed 7 through 12

4/26 - Divisional Regular Play
5/3 - Divisional Regular Play
5/10 - Divisional Regular Play
5/17 - Divisional Regular Play
5/24 - Divisional Regular Play
5/31 - D1 & D2 Divisional Playoffs (within each division)
6/7 - D1 & D2 Divisional Finals (within each division)
6/14 - Championship (Premier winner vs Champions winner)

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Are you RETURNING or NEW? If you have never played League before then answer is "NEW." *
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Interested in captaining? Captains should have a broad knowledge of Ramblers membership, intermediate to expert knowledge of short field soccer, and most importantly ensure a positive player experience for everyone on their team. (This is just an expression of interest, not a commitment.) SORRY - no rookie Captains
Interested in co-captaining? On the occasion that your captain is out, you'd be asked to fill in and assist with organizing your team, running subs and leading the charge. (Same as above.) Ideal for interested Rookies.
Missing Games? LEAGUE PLAYER ATTENDANCE POLICY: Players who register for league are required to attend at least half the games to be eligible to play in the following season.This means that if you miss 4 or more games of an 8 game League season, you will be unable to register for following season League. Exceptions to this rule will be made for extreme circumstances, including work and injury. *
Semis & Finals (it's important Captains know if you will be here for these important games. Please check any and all games you anticipate missing) *
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