SHE IS HOPE LA Volunteer Application Form 2023-2024
Thank you so much for your interest in SHE IS HOPE LA! We love that you're excited to volunteer in person and/or virtually with us, and that you want to help us support single mothers, their families, and our LA community! We so look forward to reviewing your application! 

We will respond as soon as we can, please be prepared to provide a resume and any other additional materials depending on the positions you've expressed interest in! 
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Is this application for a remote or an in person/hybrid volunteer position?

In person/hybrid option is located in Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Note: SHE IS HOPE LA is supportive of the LGBTQUIA+ population, their families, and their rights, with no exclusions to those rights. 

SHE IS HOPE LA is also supportive of the sex workers population, their families, and their rights, with no exclusions to those rights. 

It is the full expectation and requirement that anyone who volunteers with us will refer to all volunteers and the populations we serve as their preferred names. 
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If you are a student of a school or educational program, which school or educational program do you attend and do you require hours to satisfy any requirements for
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Are you willing to submit to both background checks and credit checks, and do you understand that SHE IS HOPE LA may perform these background checks and/or credits check prior to, or at any time during, your active volunteer status with the organization? 

Note: SHE IS HOPE LA is an equal opportunity and inclusive nonprofit. A criminal record or poor credit history will not necessarily disqualify you from a position with the organization. 

SHE IS HOPE LA performs these checks only as it is necessary to ensure the safety and security of our volunteers and the populations we serve, as relevant to the missions and operations of the organization. 
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Do you have any restrictions, will you need assistance with  volunteer duties relevant to the position/s you are applying for, or are there any specifics you would like for us to know regarding any accommodations you may need or prefer? Please include any details you would like for us to know! (Optional):

Note: this is a diverse, disability-inclusive and neurodivergent-inclusive organization, and we are a growing team of humans! We are always learning and understand that updates are expected and welcomed to any of our published material and communications. 

Please reach out to if you have any advice for how we can better accommodate you or a population you identify with, or if you spot any communication/verbiage/terminology that may need to be updated at any point on this or any other versions of SHE IS HOPE LA media, materials, or resources! 
Would you like to be considered for our Board of Directors? Additional application process required. *
I understand that this is an unpaid volunteer position (students, please fill out section above referring to credit hours needed for course completion): *
I agree that all information provided in the efforts to represent myself to SHE IS HOPE LA has been accurate, honest, and comprehensive to the best of my knowledge and ability.  *
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