In Person Summer Improv with Ms. Steury - Registration!!
We are thrilled to announce are first in person class since before Covid!

Complete this registration to sign up for K.A.S.T's Summer 2021 In Person Improv class! Classes will take place on Friday's starting July 2nd and will run through August 6th. Classes will be held at Loft Ensemble Theatre in North Hollywood.

The cost for this 6-week summer class is $140. There are only 20 spots available and the classes will be help in two 1-hr sessions from 11a-12p and 12p-1p. Specific times slots fill on a first come first serve basis.

Once you complete the registration form, we will contact you about your status of enrollment. If we are full upon your time of registration we can add you to our waitlist. Thank you and we can't wait to finally see some of you in person!
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