Before we can process your request to participate in Urban DTS we must receive your application form and three references. You'll need to provide us with the emails of your Pastor/church leader and two mature Christian friends/coworkers. Once you've submitted your application form we'll email them the appropriate reference forms.
Married couples enrolling as students must each complete their own application and we must receive a complete set of reference forms for each spouse.
All students should apply early to ensure adequate time for the application process.
After your application has been received we will contact you and arrange an interview with you (online or in person). This interview is an important part of the application process, as it gives us another way to assess your application, and to ask question of each other that may not have been in the written application.
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Please give the contact information of two mature Christian friends or co-workers who know you well and can write a reference for you. Once you've submitted your application we will e-mail them a direct link where they will be able to complete an online reference form for you.
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Please prayerfully answer the following questions. 
Everything in your application will be treated with confidentiality.
1. Please share what you believe it means to be a Christian. *
2. Describe your own conversion experience. How did you become a Christian? *
3. Tell us about your present relationship with the Lord. *
4. Have you ever been involved in religious cults? Occultism? Other religions? *
5. Briefly describe your childhood and youth. Tell us about your family, your relationship to them? What significant circumstances in your life shaped your childhood and youth and influenced who you are today? *
6. Describe your current relationship to your family. What is their opinion about your intention to attend the DTS? *
Desires, Plans, and Expectations
7. Please tell us about your process in deciding to apply for the DTS. (Why would you like to do a DTS? What people or factors influenced your decision to apply? How has God led you in this process?) *
8. What are your hopes and expectations for the DTS? What would you like to gain? How would you like to grow? What can you give? What goals, dreams, or desires do you have that this DTS might help to fulfill? *
9. What are your plans following the DTS? Would you consider applying for a second level YWAM school? Do you plan to pursue a degree with University of the Nations? Can you imagine yourself joining YWAM staff as a full time missionary? *
All students enrolling in the DTS are expected to be committed Christians who aim to further glorify God in their lives. As a result, DTS leadership and staff have high expectations for each student.
A. The use of tobacco, drugs and alcohol are prohibited during the 6 months of the DTS.
B. Each student is responsible for his/her own financial commitment as described in the Financial Policy sheet.
C. The Outreach and Debriefing (Phases II and III) are vital parts of the DTS experience and are required for successful
completion of the DTS.
I do hereby release Youth With A Mission, its agents, employees, and volunteer assistants from any liability whatsoever arising out of loss, injury, damage, or loss of life, which I may sustain during the course of involvement with Youth With A Mission.
I do hereby agree to the performance of such treatments, anesthetics, and operations which, in the opinion of the attending physician, would be deemed necessary for myself in the event of a life threatening medical emergency.
By submitting this form, I nearby confirm that the information given in this application is accurate and complete and consent to the Release of liability and the Consent of treatment.
By submitting this form I give YWAM Budapest permission to use my personal data such as name, address, email, and phone number to be stored for internal use only.
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