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Upon arrival at Camp Assurance you will need to sign a copy of the following Parent/Camper Statements.
Parent Statement: I understand that our personal insurance is the primary coverage for my child and that each camper is covered by limited insurance. In case of emergency I give the camp permission to prescribe medication and secure treatment for my child's care. The camp will contact me as soon as possible. i will not hold Camp Assurance or its staff responsible in case of accident or illness. I give my permission for my child to participate in all camp activities including trips away from the campgrounds.

Camper Statement: I will cheerfully obey the camp rules and conduct myself as I am instructed. I also agree to follow camp's clothing guidelines. By my signature I agree to be held accountable to this statement.
Payment - Due to Covid 19, all camps begin with a 1 day camp at Camp Assurance with online follow-up throughout the week. Freewill donation will be available at registration. Disregard prices below. *
Online Payment
In light of the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 Crisis, residential camps will not be held this year. The first day of each camp will be a 1 day camp, and the rest of the week will be online and phone follow up.
Checks that have already been sent to Rozanne Hintz PO Box 7 Dixon, NE 68732 will not be cashed, but there will be a chance for a freewill donation at the time of registration for each 1 day day camp.
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