Client/Partner Stakeholder Questionnaire
OneShield’s Marketing Team needs your help! We believe with the varied partners we have within our ecosystem; we have a unique opportunity to gain interesting perspectives of our company, our differentiators, and value proposition. Whether you are a long-standing partner or newly joining forces with us, your input would be greatly appreciated as we look to evolve our messaging, our voice, and our overall brand. We can’t stress enough that there are no wrong answers. A lot of marketing is about trying to capture a “feeling” and provide an “experience” through creative expression - so be vocal. We are striving to advance our brand and the journey of our brand to be more “Human” and engaging and we look forward to hearing from you!
Normally surveys are done anonymously but we need to be a little self-serving in this ask because if we get some interesting feedback and want to delve further into your thinking, we need to know who to reach out to. And, we don’t expect you to know all the answers or have an opinion on everything so, if you don't know the answer to a question, simply leave it blank and move on to the next.
Please complete the following questionnaire and submit it by Monday, March 21.
Thank you for your support!
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How long have you been in the insurance software industry? And how long have you been a partner of OneShield’s?
Why did you decide to partner with OneShield?
What do you like the most about working with OneShield?
How would you describe OneShield’s company culture?
When people ask you about OneShield, what do you tell them?
What business do you believe OneShield is in?
Who do you believe is a great example of an ideal OneShield customer and why?
Who do you think are OneShield’s competitors?
What do you think are OneShield’s differentiators from those competitors?
What do you think the value proposition is of our partnership is?
What do you believe are the business problems we solve for our customers?
In a few words, how do you think our customers view OneShield?
If you could change one thing about OneShield, what would it be?
If you could keep one thing the same about OneShield, what would it be?
What do you believe is the biggest opportunity for OneShield?
What do you believe is OneShield’s biggest challenge?
How would you describe the management/leadership style at OneShield?
Describe OneShield in one word?
How would you describe OneShield to a 5-year-old?
If you were in charge of OneShield’s marketing, what would you use as your key message when promoting the brand?
Can you name a great experience you've had recently on a website (doesn’t need to be industry specific) that you thought was helpful, informative, and/or simply just looked cool? If so, why and what is the URL?
Do you have anything else to share with us?
Thank you very much for completing this questionnaire and contributing to this very important initiative!
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