Regulating Commercial Surrogate Motherhood
Conférencière : Pamela Laufer-Ukeles

Descriptif: Surrogate motherhood represents the ultimate instance of commercial intimacy. The work of gestating is inherently intimate but is also marketized by willing sellers of gestational capacity and eager purchasers looking to form a family. Can regulation contain commercial intimacy in logical and ethical ways? Can and should commodification of intimate services be avoided in the context of surrogate motherhood? I will discuss the interplay of intimacy and commerciality in domestic and international surrogacy, the ways surrogates and intended parents experience surrogacy and the possibility of regulation to contain exploitation and commodification
Date et lieu
Mercredi, 16 octobre 2019 / 16 h à 18 h
Salle du Conseil de la Faculté de droit, A-9480
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