HOST AN EVENT FOR:                                          The Family of Assassinated LaVoy Finicum
All who attend the Finicum Family event will leave knowing the true story of who LaVoy Finicum was and exactly what he was doing in Oregon. There will be a strong feeling of empowerment to uphold and defend the Constitution as all will be introduced to a burning spirit of liberty coupled with effective resources to aid your development to effectively press forward in pledging an allegiance to the republic.
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Family of LaVoy Finicum
Needful Information for Your Decision Process
LaVoy: Dead Man Talking
Jeanette's goal for the film is to give LaVoy his day in court - to give him the opportunity to tell his own story.  These screenings give the audience the opportunity to be the jury LaVoy never had.  
Center for Self Governance’s purpose in making these films is to get people into their Applied Civics training.
Link for trailers: 
Event calendar: 
Basic Objectives
1. Screen LaVoy - Dead Man Talking
For Episode 1-3 (each roughly 1 hour):  Plan for a 3-hour event.
Episode 4 (roughly 2 hrs. currently not available): Plan for a 4-hour event.
Mark and Jeanette will introduce the film.  Once the film has finished, Jeanette will wrap up with Q & A.
Jeanette will need a table to sell her merchandise. She uses the money raised to pay for her legal battle. If Mark & Jeanette need to fly, arrangements for pre-shipment of product will need to be made, at the expense of the Finicum family and Center for Self Governance
We will need to pass a hat at the event to cover travel costs, if not already covered by the host.   
2. Meet with potential donors interested in supporting our legal battle
We could meet them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Or just connect us with them and we arrange a meeting.
3. Build a political chess team, in your community, using CSG’s Applied Civics training program
This is an introductory foundational civics course that takes 3.5-4 hours. Interested persons can visit for more details and click 'Advance Your Political Influence'
Cost is $50 per person (adult student). Workbooks are included.
Students can attend in person or via webinar. They will need to register online to attend online. They can also pay at the door if attending in person.
We are looking for hosts who are willing to schedule 1 or all 3 options (above) in their community. They would need to accomplish the following:
o Confirm a date/time with us.  
o Nail down a venue.  
o Solicit for attendees
o Help us secure in-kind transportation and lodging.  We are happy to stay with local families!  This will save travel costs. If this isn't available, we will secure our own rental car and hotel.
We are open to having our airfare, hotel and rental car expenses paid for if at all possible.  This will ensure that all of the donations received at each event will go towards the wrongful death lawsuit. Thank you!
In scheduling an event, the host understands the cost of his or her chosen venue is the responsibility of the host. The venue needs to be equipped with sound, screen/light wall, and projector.  
If Mark is attending, he will have a computer, projector, cords, and small speaker.
If a larger speaker and LARGE screen or blank white wall are available that is a bonus. We can also connect to a TV that has HDMI.
We are most willing to work out unique customized details. Please contact if you have any questions.
We are grateful you wish to host us!

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