Thompson Generation To Generation Week Registration
Student Registration and Permission form must be submitted prior to participation, August 5-8, 2019. Paper permission slips are also available and registration may be completed via phone if you prefer. 457-3277.

The proven benefits of inter-generational activities are numerous and meaningful to both generations. We're so glad that you're joining us for our 3rd GENERATION TO GENERATION week!

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I, parent/guardian of the above named child(ren), consent to my child(ren) participating in the Thompson's Gen2Gen week, August 6-10, 2018. I agree that my child's participation in this activity is purely voluntary. I agree not to hold the Thompson Center liable or responsible for any loss or injury sustained by my child(ren) arising in connection with his/her participation in this event. Please type your name as electronic signature: *
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Photo Consent: I, parent/guardian of the above named child(ren), consent to my child(ren) being photographed during Generation to Generation activities for use in the newspaper or on the Thompson's webpage. The child's name will not be used with photos. #Gen2Gen is the hashtag for the Generation to Generation project. *
THANK YOU! Please contact Deanna Jones at The Thompson if you have any questions or if transportation is an issue. or 457-3277
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