2017 Winter Share Order Form
You are signing up for the Winter Share. It distributes monthly on the 3rd Monday of each month, Nov - April. The prices below have been prorated for a December start!!
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WINTER VEG SHARE - $100 (This year NOT frozen, will be all the winter storage type things - carrots, potatoes, apples, squash, winter greens, etc) *
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FISH SHARES - from Pura Vida Fisheries. Local & Sustainable - Fish comes from a collective of fisherman to increase variety, etc. All shares will be =$25 (size & variety depends on fresh or frozen, type, done as fairly as possible) *
MEAT SHARES - many fabulous monthly options. Northwind Farm rules at sustainable, healthy, lovely animal husbandry. They raise a wide variety of animals. INFO HERE: https://southsidecsa.org/sign-up/summershares/northwind-farm-meat-share/
Yellow Bell Farm WHOLE CHICKEN Share *
Yellow Bell Farm BONE BROTH Share *
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