The Workshop Proposal IS NOW CLOSED.
The CHEBUCTO Free School 2017 runs October 21st to 22nd at Common Roots Urban Farm in Halifax, NS.

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Following the deadline, the Free School programming committee will meet to go over the proposals. We may contact you if we have any questions. Given space and time restrictions, we cannot guarantee we'll be able to accommodate all workshops. The committee also reserves the right to disallow or request changes to workshops that contravene Free School's values and objectives.
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If your workshop is approved, this information will be shared on the website and in the program.
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Please provide the names and a 1-2 sentence note regarding the experience and skills of each workshop facilitator/presenter.
Background for the programming committee
This information is for the use of the programming committee and will not be posted.
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How do you plan to facilitate the workshop (through discussion, presentation, theatre, small groups, etc). Please note, power point is discouraged this year for logistical reasons and to promote a more interactive learning environment, but special arrangements may be made. This information is just for the use of the programming committee.
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Please provide a sense of what you hope to achieve through this workshop. This information is just for the programming committee.
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How many can comfortably participate?
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What ages can participate?
Do you have any special equipment requirements?
Please note that data projectors, wifi and other technological capacities are not at all available. All workshops will be held outdoors. We will try to offer some protection from sun and rain. In the event of a serious weather event, Free School will be postponed one week.
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Most sessions at the Chebucto Free School are 90 minutes in length. However, special arrangements can be made for 3h sessions.
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Registration for the Chebucto Free School 2017 is separate from this workshop proposal. You must register for Free School in order to deliver a workshop. Registration does not guarantee we will be able to accommodate your workshop. *
If you have questions or concerns, please contact Omri Haiven at
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