Bookstore order form: OLI Payment Codes
If a faculty member at your institution teaches with Open Learning Initiative online courseware, an OLI Payment Code can be used by students during the payment portion of the OLI registration process. Making OLI Payment Codes available in your campus bookstore enables students to purchase courseware access using their financial aid.

All codes are delivered via email in PDF format. Each page of the PDF document includes a unique code accompanied by instructions for using the code like a gift card when purchasing access to their courseware. Click here for an example of an OLI Payment Code:

1. Fill out form below.
2. OLI will generate your PDF with OLI Payment Codes.
3. PDF will be emailed to your designated address.
4. Print and distribute PDFs to students in the bookstore.
5. When your semester's add/drop period passes, OLI will submit an invoice for the number of consumed codes.
6. Unless otherwise arranged, OLI may destroy the unredeemed codes. Bookstores should not sell them in subsequent terms because they will not be identified as "valid" in the OLI database. Students will be unable to use them.

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If purchasing for multiple courses with different add/drop deadlines, use the latest date.
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