2017-18 Lead Teaching Fellows Application
LTFs must be in years 2-7 of a doctoral program at Columbia University as of Fall 2017. Information about program activities are on the CTL website at http://ctl.columbia.edu/lead-teaching-fellows.
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Columbia University UNI
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Year in doctoral program as of Fall 2017 semester
2017-18 LTFs must be in years 2-7 of a Columbia University doctoral program as of Fall 2017.
Please list your teaching appointments at Columbia University.
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Please summarize your teaching experience beyond Columbia (if any).
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Please indicate other work experience that you would draw on as an LTF.
Please be concise. This could include event planning, communications, outreach, training, administrative support, etc.
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Please list teaching-related training and any other activities related to teaching development.
Could include participation in specific CTL (previously GSAS Teaching Center) events; participation in workshops or other training within your department led by LTFs or others; pertinent presentations and conference attendance.
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If any of the programs you indicated in the previous question had a particular impact on your own teaching, please briefly describe.
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Please share initial thoughts about an event you would design and run in your department as a Lead Teaching Fellow.
Please be concise (under 250 words); relate your ideas to current graduate student needs, TA training, and LTF or other peer-driven offerings in your department.
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Please share your ideas about what you would do as an LTF in your department to raise awareness of teaching development opportunities at CTL.
Please be concise, and as specific and creative as possible.
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We encourage you to submit additional documents in support of your application, but these are not required.
These might include recommendations from faculty and/or evidence of your effectiveness as an instructor. All supplemental materials should be emailed to CTLgrads@columbia.edu by the application deadline (Monday April 10).
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