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Thank you for your interest in the Northside Farmers Market!

We have a three-fold mission that drives every decision the Market makes:
1 ) To support our urban community by increasing access to healthful and affordable foods;
2) To be a vibrant social and educational hub providing to our community the tools to discover and increase consumption of local foods;
3). To support our local food producers by working to create a viable business venue in which to sell their products.

Participation is determined by the Market Board of Directors, whose job is to provide a healthy, viable mix of new and current vendors, including experienced vendors with a proven record of consistent quality and variety. The goal is to create an economically successful and sustainable farmers market, while also providing increasing opportunities for new vendors to sell their products directly to customers.

Decisions are based on available space in the Market, the need for specific products, vendor’s fit with Market mission and demographics, and vendor’s performance history. Criteria for evaluating vendor performance will include: ability to follow Market policies and Market staff’s directions (e.g., communication, punctuality, clean-up, weights, signage, advance notification when canceling, etc), product quality, visual display, sales history, and record of no outstanding balances.

The goal of the Northside Farmers Market is to create a Market vendor mix with at least 50% farmers. Northside Farmers Market is also committed to supporting and helping incubate smaller start-up businesses and artisans when possible. Priority is given to returning vendors.
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Types of vendors
Persons who sell products they have grown themselves. This would include products such as fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, honey, and meats. It may also include such items as jams, cider or salsa (providing the essential ingredients of these items were grown and harvested directly by the vendor).

Persons who sell food products that they have personally prepared but did NOT grow or raise the ingredients themselves. This would include such items as baked goods, jams, sauces, kombucha, ferments, and chocolate.

Persons who create and sell crafted home and body products being. This would Include products such as soaps, lotions, detergents, salves, candles, lip balm, room spray, and cleaning supplies.

Vendors offering freshly made foods, available for sale and consumption at home as a take-away item.

Persons creating and selling quality art and craft items made by them personally. Priority is given to those artisans / crafters located within Northside.

Groups seeking to provide information to the public about community-based events and services. No selling or political campaigning. Priority is given to those groups based in Northside. Fundraising is limited to the sale of raffle, community event tickets, or self-produced items and must be pre-approved by the Market management.
What type of vendor are you? *
My business grows and/or produces all items for sale within 70 miles of Northside. *
If accepted into the Market, I will conform to all city, state, and federal laws, including the securing of any licenses required in connection with the operation of my Market booth. *
Vendors must have a copy of every license and/or permit legally required by the ODA/USDA, State of Ohio, Hamilton County Health Department, and the Cincinnati Health Department, or your respective state and local inspecting agencies in order to conduct business. Copies of these items must also be supplied during the application process. Vendors selling non-consumable items are responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax on their own. Food vendors must comply with all guidelines of the USDA, FDA, ODA, DOH, other State of Ohio authorities, if required, Hamilton County Health Department, Cincinnati Health Department, and any other legal authority with jurisdiction over their products. Processed foods require labels that comply with all state and local labeling codes, including the producer’s name, address, complete list of ingredients (including allergy warnings), and net weight, in accordance with state and federal guidelines.
If accepted into the Market, I will carry liability insurance and add Northside Farmers Market, LLC as an additional insured. *
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