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(24. 09. 2021 - 28. 09. 2021)
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Hotel Heľpa (National Park Low Tatras and National Park of Muránska plain)
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Thank you for your interest in registering for the ITAT 2021 conference (Hotel Heľpa). We offer two registration options. Option A: whole conference 24. 09. 2021 - 28. 09. 2021. Option B: two nights. For each of them there is the possibility of student registration (prices are valid until August 15, 2021 inclusive). *
If you registered for workshop, please indicate the title of the workshop:
If you would like to apply the ITAT voucher discount for registration fee, please indicate the code of voucher obtained at ITAT 2020 conference:
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Food related question. Workshops start with dinner and end with breakfast. If you choose an earlier arrival or a later departure, the additional food will be priced.
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Food related question.
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Accommodation at the conference is possible in a single room (limited number for an additional fee, only in case of full registration), and also in double to quadruple rooms. After filling the capacity (approximately 55 people) it will be possible to stay on an extra bed or in a nearby pension 500 meters away from the conference venue. In this case, this information will be announced in the registration form. In the following questions, please indicate your preferences regarding your interest in a double bed, single room, preferred roommate(s) or companion.
Do you agree to share a room with a double marriage bed? *
Would you like to book a single bed room (extra payment)? *
Who are your prefered room-mates?
Would you like to book accommodation for your companion? *
Accommodation, coffee breaks and full board. If your companion are children, please write the age of children to mail: in order to arrange other details - prices can be lower.
Would you like your companion to participate in a conference banquet? (This option is valid only if you will book accommodation for your companion on Sunday, September 26, 2021) *
Would you like to buy another T-shirt ?
Please enter the number of T-shirts [+5€ each]. If needed state the T-shirt sizes and counts (children sizes are also possible). Additional T-shirts are payed together within the registration fee or in cash at conference.
Do you have special requests regarding the food? *
Please only adequate cases.
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After submitting the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email containing the details of your registration. If you do not receive the email, please contact us at
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