Wisconsin Women's Rugby Leadership Endowment Grant Application
The Wisconsin Women's Rugby Leadership Endowment (WWRLE) supports activities of women's rugby in the greater Madison area and in Wisconsin that are aligned with the purpose and priorities of the Endowment. These guidelines and procedures define how grant requests are requested and considered for approval by the WWRLE Grant Committee (“Grant Committee”).

Funding Priorities: Programs to be funded must be consistent with the mission, purpose and priorities of the Wisconsin Women's Rugby Leadership Endowment. Preference is given to programs that support:

1. Scholarships to players in need
2. Outreach into the local community
3. Leadership Development: Women's Sports, Non-profits, Business, Government
4. Clinics for players, coaches, referees

Grants will be awarded as one-time funding, or start-up funding, not for on-going purposes. The Endowment does not provide loans.

The Grant recipient is responsible for identifying the start and expected completion dates of the program, and to advise the Grant Committee of any significant delays or problems with the program. All programs must be completed and funds granted must be used within one year of the Grant. Unused funds must be returned to the Endowment.

Reports/Documentation: At the close of the program, grant recipients are asked to submit a brief report to the Grant Committee Chair, accounting for the expenditures of the funds and describing the results of the program, which may include photographs, testimonials or publications. The Grant Committee reserves the right to use the contents of these reports to provide a summary in the Annual Report of the Endowment, to promote the Endowment or to describe the work of the Endowment in other publications.

Acknowledgement of Endowment Support: The Grant Committee asks that grant recipients use appropriate and approved opportunities to publicly recognize and promote the Endowment's role in supporting their program. Requests to acknowledge Endowment Support in a written format should be submitted to the Grant Committee Chair for approval prior to publication.

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