Project Evaluation Questionnaire
Hi! Please respond the questionnaire being really specific about the project in which you want UX/Product Design/Conversion Rate Optimization to be applied, and NOT about your company's overall brand strategy.

This will allow me to be more precise on my approach to the subject ;)

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0. What's the internal name of your project? *
Per example: if you have a brick and mortar marketplace and want to take it digital, it'd be something like "e-commerce implementation."
1. What is the problem or need you are aiming to solve for your clients with this product or service? *
Looking to know more about the business model behind the project. UX helps marry business goals and users needs.
2. What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to have in mind? How does 'success' look in this project? *
A Key Performance Indicator (or KPI) is the variable to follow - a measure with which we can understand if the project is a success or not.
3. What is the benchmark? What are top-of-the-line products we can look into to inspire our work? *
I look forward to know about platforms that a) have a business model like yours, or b) platforms that fulfill a similar need but on a different market.
4. Who are the final users of the product or service? *
5. Who is the responsible for the project result? This is the person who will be taking risks and making decisions (like in The Highlander movie, “there can only be one”). *
6. Is there any technological limitation we need to have in mind when thinking of this project implementation? *
7. In which stage of the project are we? How long has been this project around?
8. When will the project be finished? *
9. Is there any roadmap for the project? (Tip: A Gantt Chart will do it.) *
10. Is there any particular deliverable you are looking for? *
11. What's the budget for this project? *
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