ACSS Great Moments in Social Studies Teaching Award Spring 2022
To recognize teachers who design and implement exemplary classroom experiences, the Arizona Council for the Social Studies has established Great Moments in Social Studies Teaching, presented annually. Award recipients will be awarded a plaque and a $100 cash award. "Great Moments" can take many forms and use various teaching methods (e.g., simulation, lecture, and role-play).

To be recognized as a "Great Moments in Social Studies Teaching," an exemplary classroom experience must:

• Be at least an extended lesson (a series of activities lasting several days).

• Be significant for its creativity, meaningful content, and provide evidence of student learning.

• Incorporate teaching methods likely to engage and motivate students.

• Convey knowledge, skills, and values essential for global citizenship.

Awards will be given in three (3) categories: elementary (K-5), middle grades (6-8), and high school (9-12). A maximum of five (5) recipients will be selected in each category.

ELIGIBILITY: Classroom teachers from any district in Arizona who have written a social studies lesson can receive this award. Candidates need not be ACSS members but must be practicing Arizona teachers. A "Great Moments" can be nominated by the person who taught it or by a supervisor, administrator, teacher, parent, or student who has observed it. Self-nominations are acceptable.

JUDGING CRITERIA: To be selected by the ACSS Awards Committee as a "Great Moments in Social Studies Teaching," a nominated teaching experience must:

• Directly address the Arizona State Social Science Standards.

• Incorporate teaching methods likely to engage and motivate students.

• Demonstrate originality. While the lesson submitted might be inspired by the work or template of another author, they must contain substantial innovation and sound pedagogical design. The Awards Committee for the nominating year will determine the definition of what is substantial.

NOMINATION REQUIREMENTS: To be judged by the ACSS Awards Committee, all nominations must meet the following requirements:

• No more than a one-page description of the nominated teaching experience, including its title, intended audience (for example: “This lesson was taught to a heterogeneous group of 27 fifth grade students in a culturally diverse setting"), content, goals/objectives, required materials, and the procedures or sequence of activities. The description should be clear, concise, and sufficiently detailed that someone unfamiliar with the nominated teaching experience can understand it.

• At least one letter from an observer (e.g., a supervisor, colleague, parent, or student) who can verify that the nominated teaching experience was taught and comment on its qualification as a "Great Moment."

• Provide indicators that the teaching experience had an impact on student learning (e.g., samples of student work, a summary of classroom observations, statements from a student or administrator, photographs, pre-posttest data). Lesson should also be submitted electronically for consideration.

Please submit all the nomination requirements above to the Arizona Council for the Social Studies Email: Attention: Awards Committee by the end of February 24, 2022.

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