Cranmore Tower – Renovation works and heritage sharing project questionnaire
Cranmore Tower foundation limited is seeking funding for internal and external renovation work to the Tower and to generate display boards to share the history and heritage of the Tower and surrounding area. We would love to find out what you would like know about the heritage of the Tower and local area. Please take a few minutes to fill out our questionnaire.
How interested are you in the history of the Tower? (It's age, how/why it was built, architectural details, etc.) *
Not very
Very much
How interested are you in the following? *
1 = Not interested 5 = Very Interested
Local flora & fauna
Local Mendip quarry industry
Other sights that can be seen from the Top of the Tower e.g. Glastonbury Torr, King Alfred's Tower, the White horse?
Mendip hills geology
Surrounding parishes
The Paget family
Any other aspects of the Tower or surrounding area you would like to know about?
What would be the best way to share information on the Tower and local area? *
Please select one or two options
How supportive are you of Cranmore Tower renovations and heritage sharing project?
Do not support
Very supportive
Clear selection
Would you be willing to volunteer to help with project in any capacity (researching, publicity, advice etc.)
Where are you from? (Town and County)
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