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Please provide any camera-enabled smart devices you have at home. Old chargers are also incredibly helpful. If you wipe / reset your device to factory settings, all of your information will be deleted and it will be safe for others to use. By providing seniors and low-income (who are often on subsidized health insurance) with video-enabled devices, they will be able to take advantage of free wifi hotspots with Spectrum, or use the wifi outside of doctors' offices to conduct their doctors' appointments. We can provide seniors with guidance on how to set up an email and account for telehealth!

Important: All devices must have a FRONT CAMERA. We only accept functional smart devices. We cannot accept flip phones or devices that do not work.

Before you turn in your device, you MUST erase all data. For iPhones/iPads please ensure that you disable Activation Lock and Find My iPhone. For Samsungs/Androids.

ALL DEVICES MUST BE CHARGED, RESET, AND WIPED DOWN ACCORDING TO CDC PROTOCOL. Please see our guide for tips on resetting your device from our website here:

(TeleHealth Access for Seniors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your donations may be tax-deductible).

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