Frothy Digital Media Team
We are looking for artists/creatives to join our new digital team. This team will create content for our upcoming blog and work on Frothy content in a digital capacity. We want our website,, to be chalked full of resources for sustainable living, from equitable land development to racial justice and accessible food habits. As this is a new endeavor for our team, we want people with big ideas who are eager to learn and engage in discussions surrounding sustainability. While previous experience is welcomed, it is NOT a requirement. We want to use our space to teach, learn and create a community of inclusive folk who love to share knowledge. You do not have to be based in Gainesville or Florida to be a part of the Frothy Fam.

Positions with Frothy are unpaid, and are volunteer-only. While we would love to have everyone stick with our team forever, we understand life happens. Positions are non-binding, and you can create content as much or as little you want. Whether you stick with us for a month or 7, we hope you'll find comfort being a part of the Frothy Fam.
Here is an example of content we've created: For this piece, we researched the fashion trend cycle and explored its impacts. (a writer, photographers and designers worked on this piece; there is a lot of room for collaboration with other artists if you need it. This spread appeared in our printed magazine, and an online format calls for different styles and approaches). We provide this example to show you what we've done thus far, not to limit you to a specific style. We hope you'll bring your ideas and enthusiasm to make our content even more engaging and impactful.
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Frothy is a magazine focused on sustainability. Why are you interested in joining Frothy? What does it mean to live sustainably?
While our most recent issue centered on fashion, we want Frothy to be a space where you can discuss whatever topics matter to you while incorporating a sustainable approach. What matters to you? What do you want to know more about?
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Detail any experience you have in whatever content category. Links to portfolios/sites are also acceptable :)
If interested in writing, please share any story pitches for our blog. Let your mind wander free <3 No idea is too radical!!
If submitting for photography, please share a concept for a photoshoot.
If interested in design, describe your style/what you like to create.
If interested in creating social media content, let us know what you'd like to see more of (@frothymag on IG and TikTok). Please share any social media campaigns or events you can see Frothy engaging in.
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