Stories of Hope: Waiting
This form leads you through the lesson for Wednesday, December 9th. You can fill it out on your own, but it will be even more meaningful if you can have a parent or faith mentor join you in reflection and conversation. Start by watching the video, which can be found here:
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Talk about a time (or two!) your family was waiting for something. What was the experience like? Did you wait patiently or impatiently? Fearfully or in eager anticipation? Confidently or desperately? What made it so? Did what you were waiting for come/happen? Share as you’re comfortable below. *
The Bible story found in Luke 2 is incredibly well known—it’s the Christmas story! But the gospel writer gives us an important introduction in chapter 1. Read Luke 1. Note the similarities and the differences between what the angel told Zechariah about his son John, and what the angel told Mary about her son Jesus. How were their experiences the same and different? *
How do you think Zechariah described his experience in the temple to his elderly wife Elizabeth when he got home? He couldn’t speak, and had to rely only on motions and gestures! (Remember, he couldn't type, text or e-mail!) Relay the angel’s message to someone in your family the way Zechariah might have. *
Zechariah wasn’t only waiting for his son to be born, he was waiting to get his voice back. Elizabeth was waiting for her child, and waiting for her Lord to be born. Mary was waiting for the miracle of giving birth to God’s Son, which we celebrate on Christmas. Today people are waiting for all kinds of things—a vaccine, to see a beloved family member again, etc. As we have ever since Jesus ascended to heaven, the whole world is waiting for Jesus to come again, and for the day when finally God’s will is done perfectly on earth as it is in heaven. Sometimes this is hard waiting, but every now and then God gives us glimpses of the kingdom to come, reminders and assurances that God is here and working for good. What glimpses of love and goodness (“God sightings”) have you seen this week? *
Our hope in times of waiting is that so far God has been faithful to every promise made to people throughout history. So, we can trust that God will one day reign visibly and completely, and when that day comes, waiting, sin, suffering, death will be over, and all will be goodness, light and life. *
Do you have any questions or comments to share about hope in times of waiting? If not, thanks for doing the lesson today! Join us for worship on Sunday (live or later, 9:30 am on Don't forget to be filling out your worship notes if you haven't done 6 yet!
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