Central Lyon School Foundation, Inc. - Lion Grant Program
The Lion Grant Program encourages exceptional ideas that will improve the educational process. It is designed to stimulate development of projects that will improve instruction, but not to serve as a primary source for equipment, materials or operational revenue. The program provides resources to educators to implement creative ideas at their school or in their area of responsibility. The awards are an avenue to explore, develop and refine the educator’s ideas for improving the education of our students. Any educator employed within the district may submit a Lion Grant request.

The deadline for applications is April 1st of each year for funds that will be available for the following school year. There is no minimum request level, and although exceptions can be made, the maximum request should be $500 per applicant. The Foundation Board reserves the right to consider requests at other times and determine the total amounts awarded each year.

*Each applicant will be notified if they are a recipient of a Lion Grant. The Central Lyon Business office will also be notified. All ordering of materials purchased with Lion Grant funding must go through your building principal’s office. Purchase Orders may be submitted immediately but will not be processed until July 1st.

Lion Grant Criteria:
Priority will be given to proposals with the following characteristics:
1. The proposal is consistent with the aims of the foundation (program innovation, enhanced learning opportunities, technology, learning and cooperative/community involvement).
2. The proposal has the approval of the appropriate administrator(s).
3. The proposal shows a clear benefit to the students.
4. The proposal is supplemental to the regular school budget.
5. Benefits are long range as contrasted with a brief span of time.
6. The proposal is curricular or instructional in nature.

Application Process:
The application procedure may be undertaken by a teacher or a group of teachers. A proposal must be submitted to the Foundation Board and will address the following questions:
1. What will be done with the grant money?
2. How will the grant improve the education of students in the department, grade level or school?
3. What resources will be needed to implement this proposal?
4. How will the proposal be evaluated when completed?

Award Process:
Grants will be awarded according to criteria centered on the questions listed above. The Foundation Board will make the final selection.
There are several criteria that will be in effect for grant awards:
1. The school retains all ownership of proposal materials, equipment, and products developed as a result of the Lion Grant Program.
2. Applicant must share the proposal with an administrator.
3. Proposals are limited to one school year only.
4. Time and talent of personnel are donated for proposal development purposes.
5. Most importantly, all proposals must be consistent with the overall mission statement of the foundation, which is to enhance quality education.

Lion Grant Mission Statement:
The Central Lyon School Foundation seeks to promote excellence in education by focusing support on the following objectives: To encourage outstanding academic achievement and enhanced learning opportunities for students; to encourage and increase local business, civic and private sector involvement within the Central Lyon Community Schools; to encourage creative and innovative educational programs; to promote and maintain use of the most recent technologies in teaching and learning.

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Competitive applications will be reviewed following the point system listed below. Points will be awarded up to the maximum amount by each reviewer. Grants will be awarded based on the following:
A. Overview- 15 points
B. Description- 40 points
C. Audience- 20 points
D. Budget- 10 points
E. Evaluation- 15 points
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