Co-sign this Resolution on Fossil Fuel Power for the DSA National Convention 2019
DSA National Resolution
Take the Fossil Fuel Energy Companies into Democratic Public Ownership
Authors: Philip Locker, Harris Liebermann, Ramy Khalil, and Stuart Strader

Be it resolved, as part of supporting and campaigning for the Green New Deal, DSA will advocate taking the major fossil fuel energy companies into democratic public ownership and to reallocate their massive resources into clean, renewable energy such as solar, wind, and geothermal;

Be it further resolved, DSA demands that before any compensation is paid in the process of taking those corporations into democratic public ownership, the fossil fuel companies must be put on trial for the untold damage they have caused the planet and humanity and their systematic suppression of evidence of climate change. They must be held accountable, criminally and financially. Compensation should go to those with proven need, such as working-class and middle-class small shareholders;

Be it further resolved, that DSA urges all its members elected to federal, state, and local political office to promote these demands; and

Be it finally resolved, that DSA will promote these demands as part of its independent Democratic Socialists for Bernie campaign.

WHEREAS Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others are proposing a Green New Deal that includes eliminating greenhouse gas emissions in the US by 2030, ensuring a “just transition” for the communities and workers currently employed by or dependent on the fossil fuel industry, and implementing major reforms like universal health care, affordable housing, and food security for all, especially communities of color;

WHEREAS we recognize that the Green New Deal is incompatible with the power that fossil fuel capitalists have over our country and government, capitalists who are directly threatening the lives of billions of people and all life on earth;

WHEREAS the major fossil fuel energy companies have amassed some of the greatest accumulation of power and capital in history which they will deploy to block the passage of a robust Green New Deal;

WHEREAS “[J]ust 100 companies have been the source of more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988,” as The Guardian reported (July 10, 2017);

WHEREAS Exxon’s own research in the 1970s revealed that fossil fuels contribute to climate change, and then oil companies intentionally suppressed this finding for decades;

WHEREAS the Koch brothers are the owners of the second largest privately-owned corporation in the US, which made a large part of its profits through fossil fuels and they buy politicians like other people buy groceries;

WHEREAS HuffPost reports:“The nine Democrats selected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to serve on the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis received a combined $198,000 from fossil fuel industry political action committees in the 2018 election cycle” (February 7, 2019);

WHEREAS the most aggressive fossil fuel industry groups drove the US into two wars in Iraq, propping up the reactionary Saudi monarchy over decades, and attempting or carrying out coups in Venezuela, Iran, and countless other countries;

WHEREAS we cannot control what we do not own;

Co-Signers (will be updated once a day):
1. Alex Stout, Phoenix
2. Alexander Davis, Columbus chapter
3. Alexandra Bianca Davis, Columbus chapter
4. Alexandra Braglin, Ohio
5. Andrej Markovcic, Seattle
6. Andrew Porter, Columbus DSA
7. Andrew Welsh, Columbus, Ohio
8. Anthony Teso, Portlnd, OR
9. Ashley Browning, Lexington
10. Benjamin Watkins, Seattle
11. Bill Rockwell, Seattle
12. Bobby Lambertz, Seattle Chapter
13. Bryan Watson, Seattle
14. Chris Natale, Seattle
15. Corey Andon, Dayton / Miami Valley
16. Daniel Bates, UT
17. Daniel Hernbrott, Seattle
18. Daniel Leon, Seattle chapter
19. Dave Benvenuti, Seattle
20. Ember Vogel, Ohio
21. Emma Fletcher, Seattle
22. Eric Gold, Portland, OR
23. Evan Seitchik, Boston chapter
24. Harris Liebermann, Seattle
25. Ian Strader, WA
26. Jacob Hunt, Portland, Oregon
27. Jamie Partridge, Portland, OR
28. Jared McCollum, Lexington KY
29. Jeremy Salmon, Portland, OR
30. Jeremy Thornes, Seattle Chapter
31. Jerry Liebermann, Seattle Chapter
32. Jordan Brennan, Lexington DSA
33. Josef Komarek, Portland DSA
34. Joseph Thomas, WA
35. Josh Kuh, Seattle DSA
36. Josuee Hernandez, OR
37. judith lienhard, OR
38. Kevin Hayes, Portland, OR
39. Kevin Osborn, TCDSA chapter
40. Kyle Kamaz, Columbus Chapter
41. Laura Wadlin, Portland OR
42. Linda Harris, Seattle
43. Manuel Carrillo, Seattle
44. Manya Janowitz, Seattle
45. Mark Rafferty, Seattle
46. Matt Kirkegaard, Salt Lake DSA
47. Meg Strader, Seattle
48. Michael Parker, WA
49. Nathan Arries, Richmond
50. Philip Locker, Seattle chapter
51. Ramy Khalil, Seattle chapter
52. Ruth Oskolkoff, Seattle chapter
53. Ryan Crimaldi, Columbus
54. Sara Parent, Seattle Chapter
55. Sarah White Kimmerle, Seattle
56. Shane James, Columbus Chapter
57. Stan Strasner, Seattle Chapter
58. Stephan Kimmerle, Seattle chapter
59. Stephan Leger, Portland
60. Stephen Crowe, Seattle
61. Stuart Strader, Seattle chapter
62. Val Ross, Seattle Chapter
63. Whitney Kahn, Seattle chapter
64. Zachary Cohn, New York Chapter

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