MTF - 2021 TT4Turf Course Donation - Registration
The MTF once again is seeking support of our golf industry to participate in the TeeTimes4Turf Online Auction. The Auction will be held April 25 - May 9.

This event is a critical part of our fundraising efforts for the MSU Turf Program and we encourage all courses to offer a Tee Time for the purpose of Research. As you may imagine 2020 was a difficult year on our fundraising efforts and we hope to regain some momentum starting with this years online event. We encourage all turf supporters to take a moment to review our form and help support the MSU Turf Program.

If you have already been contacted by a board member and have agreed to donate to the auction this year you are not required to complete this form and the MTF thanks you for your continued support. If you have participated previously and would like to support MSU Turf Research again this year please take a moment to complete this brief form.

If you are a new course considering donating a round for the MSU Turf Program - The MTF welcomes your addition and appreciates you participation.

After completing required information supporters may go tot he last 2 sections of this survey (Recognition/ Thank you-Support) for comments and suggestions. Your opinions are important so feel welcome to offer participate.

MTF Board of Directors
Scott Rettmann - TT4Turf Chairperson

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