Mini Machaneh ha'Chazonim Application form
Please ensure that both the applicant, and the applicant's parent(s)/guardian(s) have read through the Application Form and have answered the questions that follow carefully. Other sibling applications are to be submitted separately.

All information pertaining to terms and conditions, camp rules, camp essentials etc. can be found on our website under the tab, "Camp Information".
Netzer South Africa accepts application forms on the basis that the applicant and their parent(s)/guardian(s) accept the Camp Terms and Conditions noted on our website.

Please note that once your submission has been made online, Netzer South Africa will contact applicant legal parent(s)/guardian(s) with regards to finalizing camp fee payment, subsidies, special requests etc. Applications are only considered to be accepted once indemnities have been signed and fee payments have been made. Proof of payments must be emailed to

For any assistance and any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

Please note the following with regards to the applicant's shichvah (age group).
Tipot ‘Raindrops’ ages 7 - 9
Geshem ‘Rain’ ages 10 - 11
Sheleg ‘Snow’ ages 12 - 13
Shemesh ‘Sun’ ages 14 - 15
Keshet ‘Rainbow’ ages 16 - 18

Financial Information (More details at the end of the form)
R 500.00

Travel information:
We will be back on our favourite Glencairn Campsite and request that you drive your kids to the campsite on the Friday afternoon and collect them on Sunday.
Please note that if you are not able to transport your children we will be organizing lifts so do not worry.
You will be emailed with addresses and directions post signup.

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