Aureus Knights FFXIV Shadowbringers
Final Fantasy XIV has a new expansion (Shadowbringers) landing the first week of July. Because Final Fantasy XIV is one of the few MMOs we currently deem worth playing Aureus Knights is considering reestablishing our presence in the game. We wanted to do a survey of our membership to assess interest. Please answer the questions below to help us determine our way forward. Thank you on behalf of the Aureus Knights leadership team!
Are you planning on playing FFXIV Shadowbringers in July?
Would you be interested in being a member of Aureus Knights in FFXIV?
Are you currently subscribed to and playing FFXIV?
Are you currently a member of a non AKS Free Company / Guild in FFXIV?
Are you a member of a cross-realm linkshell?
If you are currently a member of a cross-realm linkshell would you be willing to quit that Linkshell to join an Aureus Knights cross-realm linkshell (note: you can only be a member of one)
If AKS was to relaunch in FFXIV would you be interested in being an officer or volunteering in another capacity to (i.e. events)?
If AKS was not to relaunch as a Free Company in FFXIV would you be interested in a linkshell for keeping in touch with AKS members in the game?
Optional: What is your discord or in game name? (whatever name we know you by)
Your answer
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