Youth Resource Survey
This survey is meant to allow you to anonymously share with us your knowledge about the resources that our community lacks for youth living on their own. We intend to take a look at your responses, and hopefully find a way to provide these missing resources.
What cities do you spend the most time in?
Are you under the age of 18?
Do you have an adult that you trust, that you can go to if you are struggling or need guidance?
Do you feel safe in your environment?
If there was a youth shelter available, would you ever use it?
What are your top 3 needs?
Your answer
What do you do for medical care?
Your answer
How do you make/get money?
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What challenges do you run into while looking for a stable place to stay?
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Where did you see this flyer?
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If you would like a youth professional to follow up please provide an e-mail or phone number where someone can reach you.
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