Residential Blight Elimination Survey
The City of Gary is working to change the Narrative of our city. Most importantly we need YOUR input. Blight is a issue that we continue to combat and we want to know what you think. If you have any questions please contact us at The Mayor's Office of Constituent Services at Phone: (219)881-4815 email:
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In the last 6 months, which community clean ups have you volunteered in?
Multiple Choice
Dumpster Day
Block Club Community Clean up
None, Send me more information
Can you identify the most blighted areas in your neighborhood? Please indicate locations below
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District/Community *
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Are you interested in volunteering at events to eliminate and prevent blight?
Are you intrested in forming a block club to adress your neighborhood's blight? (Block Clubs qualify to receive resources and project from the City to eliminate blight and beautify neighborhoods)
What does Blight mean to you?
Have you used Gary 311 in the last 6 Months?
How would you rate the degree to which your neighborhood is blighted?
Very Poor
How do You report blight?
Please rate the City's response time to the blight issues you have reported.
Very Poor
What factors do you find most necessary to control blight?
Councilmen involvement
Block Clubs
Community Clean Ups
Financial Resources
City Services
Proper Cleaning Tools
What stops You from engaging with your block?
What strategies do you think would help fix challenges of Blight?
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What types of neighborhood projects would be most helpful to your neighborhood?
What prevents you from getting involved?
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