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The purpose of this form is to fully explore the scope of the project through a line of questioning that considers the context of the project. This ensures that what's expected and what's delivered are in total alignment between the MNT Agency and you!
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What is the primary GOAL and how will we define success? (ie: We want to establish an online presence, success if we hit 1K in monthly organic traffic.) *
What CHALLENGES has your business encountered when trying to accomplish your goal/goals? *
What is your PLAN to achieve your goals that will overcome these challenges? *
What's your TIMELINE for achieving your goal? (ie: 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years etc.) *
What CONSEQUENCES will you or your company face if you FAIL to achieve your goal in the given timeline? *
What does SUCCESS look like if we achieve your goal in the given timeline? (ie: get a raise, hire a new employee, become profitable) *
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