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Do you have any past experiences that may make you a better match for certain mentees? (ex. teen parent, single parent, abortion, rape, multiples, etc.)
Do you have a history of abortion in your own past? *
If you have had an abortion, have you participated in a healing study such as Forgiven and Set Free or Surrendering the Secret? It is our greatest desire that our mentors receive healing as well as our mentees! *
Please describe your personality so we will know better how to match you with a mentee.(Are you outgoing, shy, take charge, sit back and wait, etc.) *
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What level of involvement do you want to have with a mentee? Do you feel equipped, called or prepared to handle a case with many needs or with fewer needs? All will need relationship as the base, but some mentees have greater needs than others (We will train you and provide a resource guide for services available in the area, regardless). *
A mentee with fewer pressing needs.
A mentee with greater pressing needs (could need help finding housing, financial aid, child care, counselors, etc.)
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