Inquiry Form for AY2022-2023
Thank you for your interest in partnering with Seed the Way LLC/ Just Education LLC. Please complete this inquiry form to help me learn more about your organization's goals and needs and to see if we're a good match, as I am only able to serve a limited number of schools each year. Please be sure to read the two brief policies before proceeding. Thanks for reaching out!
With appreciation,
Rebecca Eunmi Haslam, Ph.D.
Founder, Seed the Way LLC (2015) & Just Education LLC (2022)

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Please review the following before proceeding:
1. Focus on Systemic Change. We serve a limited number of clients each school year in order to prioritize a comprehensive approach toward educational equity. With an intentional focus on supporting sustainable shifts in institutional culture, we are offering yearlong/multi-year immersive series only at this time, and no one-time services unless an arrangement has been made.

2. Remote Services. All services are remote until further notice. While it may be possible to collaborate in person, we reserve the right to deliver all services remotely at our sole discretion. Workshops and most services are interactive and participatory, and not intended to be one-way webinars or lectures. Client must 'host' all video calls (Zoom, Meets, etc.) and assume responsibility for all tech functionality. Client may not video record, audio record or livestream workshops, meetings, or other services, or distribute materials without written consent from StW.
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What are your major goals and needs? Please be as specific as you can and provide some context. Help me understand where you are in this work, and where you hope to go. *
Are you seeking assistance in response to a negative incident at school or in the community? If this request is part of a broader effort to offer healing and reparation after harm, please indicate so. As a BIPoC trainer, it is important that I have this accurate and honest information as context. *
How do you envision our partnership fitting into your overall approach to educational justice in AY22-23? (What other partnerships, initiatives, leadership structures, action plan, etc. do you have in place?) *
How many sessions are you hoping for? Please list any specific dates or time frames you have in mind. *
Roughly how many participants total? *
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Thank you! Seed the Way LLC will respond via email within two weeks. If we’re a good fit for each other, Dr. Haslam will send a proposal with rate quotes and/or schedule a phone call to discuss further.
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