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SINGA Business Lab is an incubation program in Berlin that supports newcomer entrepreneurs turn their business idea into reality.

Who is a newcomer? If you come from another country and have moved to Berlin within the last couple of years, you are a newcomer.

SINGA Business Lab provides entrepreneurs 4 key services that every entrepreneur needs: Knowledge, Mentorship, Community, and Network. Find out more about our offering here: The program is totally free to committed entrepreneurs and we do not take equity or shares in your new company.

You can get our support in any of the following stages or entrepreneurship:

Do you have a business idea, however vague, and want to explore the potential of this idea ? Join our IDEATION PHASE starting on 18th January 2019. We will have workshops for you to define your idea, so you are ready to move to the next business stage.

Join NOW! We start our new program very soon. And it is free!

This form signs you up to join the SINGA Business Lab community. Once you submit your application, someone from our team will contact you soon and guide you through your next steps, and you will also be automatically enrolled to receive our monthly schedule of events and can sign-up and attend workshops. The application is ongoing, so there is no deadline, but the earlier you join the community the earlier you can join and start to build your business!

For a more comprehensive view of our program and offerings, check out
If you have any questions, please email us at:

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