UPlift Black Advocacy Council
UPlift Black is looking for key community members to join our Black Advocacy council. Allies are most welcome to join and we encourage participation from BIPOC, Person with Disabilities and 2SLGBTQPNIA+

We will be working as a team to eradicate systemic racism in our community. We are anchored in 2SLGBTQ+ inclusivity and we believe that Black is defined as self-identified Black, Brown and Indigenous Peoples. We are committed to decolonization and Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. Our work is hyper local to Simcoe/Muskoka Region.
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Uplift Black grounds it’s work in 2SLGBTQ+ inclusivity and reconciliation for Indigenous communities. There will be zero tolerance for any behaviour not in accordance with these values. This is to say that UPlift Black reserves the right to terminate any membership if the member is the perpetrator of or party to any slanderous, discriminatory or intolerant actions, words, gestures or social media posts. Any behaviour deemed harmful is grounds for the termination of group membership. Any behaviour deemed abusive may also result in legal ramifications. *
To be a member of the group you must have a personal Facebook account and engage in the Facebook group, agree to receive emails from the group (save advocacy@upliftblack.org), commit to attend Anti-Black Racism training sponsored by UPlift Black, commit to active participation, responding to and engaging with posts and assigned action items, commit to attend a bi-monthly Strategy Planning sessions. No self promotion, no outside content, only what we work on within the group and meetings should be discussed. Non commitment to any of the above can lead to removal from the group.
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