Specials Survey 2017 - STUDENTS

NOTE: This year, we arranged the specials schedule so that students would receive instruction in Art, Music, STEM, and Technology for half of the year - on a consolidated schedule. Before we create schedules for 2017-18, we are gathering feedback from Specialists, Teachers, Parents, and Students to make informed decisions. Your input is extremely valuable! Thank you for participating!

1.) Did the specials rotation work for you this year?
2.) If you answered NO to the question above, how can we make it better?
Your answer
3.) Did you like having Art, Computer, Music, STEM concentrated in half of the year?
4.) How important is it for you to have PE every-other day?
Not important
Extremely important
6.) How did you feel about receiving grades in Art/Music for only half the year?
Not impacted/No Opinion
I have a Strong Opinion (see next question)
If you have a strong opinion regarding grading in Music/Art for half the year, please provide information.
Your answer
What do you feel is really important for the principals to know when we set up schedules?
Your answer
8.) Do you want to continue Buccaneer Block Scheduling for specials in 2017-18?
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