Dallas Comedy House Diversity Scholarship Application
Thank you for your interest in the DCH Diversity Scholarship.

We believe that diversity in experience and culture help to foster creativity and, when we have a diverse class and theater, comedy is elevated on all levels. The DCH Diversity Scholarship program aims to support those who are traditionally under-represented in the comedy community and, ultimately, increase the diversity of our student body (and ultimately, our performer roster).

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What a Scholarship Entails
Recipients of a DCH Diversity Scholarship will:

• Receive a tuition scholarship for class credit(s). While enrolled, scholarship recipients enjoy all benefits of being an enrolled student in classes (i.e.: admittance to shows for free, consideration for student lotto, etc.)
• Be partnered with an alum/instructor/performer as a mentor throughout their classes
• Provide feedback to DCH about the DCH Diversity Scholarship Program. Testimonials may be shared with future applicants, and/or used to improve the DCH Diversity Scholarship Program.

The Application Process
The application process is two-step, starting with the completion of this online application and submission of a letter of recommendation. All applications will be reviewed and narrowed down by a selection committee. That committee will then invite finalists for an in-person interview.

Scholarship applications are reviewed twice a year: in March and September. Applicants can fill out the application at anytime in between. However, communication and interview scheduling will not happen outside of those two months. Scholarships are granted for class credits. Pending applicants and funding, scholarships may be rewarded for a minimum of one class credit and a maximum of five class credits.

The following criteria will be considered in both parts of the application process:

• The applicant would contribute to racial, ethnic, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or differently-abled diversity at DCH
• The applicant exhibits a genuine interest in learning and growing as a performer - even if they have no previous experience
• The applicant demonstrates a commitment to teamwork and being a team player

Applying is not a guarantee that you will be granted an interview. Being granted an interview is not a guarantee that you will be accepted into the program.

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Why would you be a great addition to the DCH Diversity Scholarship Program? Tell us more about your background and experience as a performer or comedian. *
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How would this scholarship provide opportunities that you do not have currently? *
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Describe a time you were a part of a successful team. What role did you assume, and, if you could change anything about that experience, what would it be? *
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What most interests you about pursuing comedy classes? *
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Letter of Recommendation
In order for your application to be considered "complete," we must receive one letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation should include answers to the following questions from the perspective of a former employer, mentor, or teacher.

• In your opinion, why is this applicant an excellent candidate for the Dallas Comedy House Diversity Scholarship?
• How does this applicant embody the spirit of teamwork?

The recommendation should be e-mailed to maggie@dallascomedyhouse.com with the subject line: "DCH Diversity Scholarship: <YOUR NAME>" from the person writing the letter (i.e.: it should not come from you).

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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