2020 Sunshine Coast Community Food Box
The SC Community Food Box is a prepaid, subscription-based food box program that is intended to add value and nutrition to the Sunshine Coast food system.

This is so much more than just getting good food... Having the subscription be prepaid at the beginning of the season ensures that not all of the risk is born by the farmers, but shared with the end recipient of the value created, the consumer. This seed funding (pun intended) allows farms to invest in their infrastructure at the beginning of the growing season to enable them to grow and produce more efficiently. This year and next year and in all the years ahead. As this way of investing in food grows, so will our resilience and our quality, variety, and consistency of good, ethical, and sustainable local food.

Unlike a typical CSA model which has a single farm providing the food, the Community Food Box is being sourced from a number of farms and local food producers. Sourcing food from across multiple suppliers adds diversity and therefore resilience and confidence, to our food system. Supporting local farmers supports local food supply and that benefits us all.

This is the inaugural year of this CFB program. 30 boxes of food will add a modest contribution to food security on the Coast and is a manageable scale for the participating local suppliers in this first year. It is our collective ambition to increase this program next year and for years to come. People who grow food are inherently linked to people who eat food. Working together we can build a stronger local food system that includes everyone.

Program Details in a nutshell:
* 20 full price boxes at $650
* 10 BOCS boxes at $300-$600 - see below for details
* 16 weeks, starting the Third week of June
* 8 items per box, per week with approximate value of $40.
* Harvest and co-packing at PBC on Tuesdays, ready for pickup/delivery on Wednesday.
* Three pick-up locations or delivery for a charge of $15/per box in Gibsons and $20 elsewhere

* PBC Beer, RC Honey, The Farm & Lone Wolf Bread, eggs from SCACL, and other value added items may be added, for an additional charge, with order deadline Monday at 3pm - order to be placed by calling the tasting room (7784623007 ext 2) or clicking the following link: https://forms.gle/WeeSqcQMFDyE7rBz6

Participating Suppliers, Farms & Partners:
* Gibsons Heritage Farm
* Gumboot Tiny Farm
* Little Red Wagon Farm
* The Farm (in West Sechelt)
* Persephone Brewing Company
* One Straw Society
* Sunshine Coast Community Services Society
* Roberts Creek Honey
* Lone Wolf Provisions
* More suppliers to be added ...
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