Organizational Development Technologies Mapping
The Reinventing Organizations Map is a unique map that represents the consiousness level of an organization and shows the strengths and areas with most growth potential. Now we are collectively mapping the specific tools and technologies that help make an organisation thrive. Join us!

You are an expert in one or more technologies? Please fill in one form per technology. The questions with the red * are required, the rest optional. Feel free to leave those open if you don't know the answer, or if you find the question not relevant for your technology.

Estimated time to fill in is 15 minutes. Thanks for contributing with your expertise to this unique overview of useful technologies!
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Name of the Organizational Development Technology *
Name the tool, technology, theory or process you are describing here and are an expert in. Technologies to think about are for instance Non Violent Communication (NVC), Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Holacracy, Deep Democracy, Theory U, Leadership Embodiment, and many more!
Short description of the technology *
Range of stages
OPTIONAL: only fill it in if you have good understanding of the levels used here. Please, check each stage where the OD technology helps in development. For example if the tool helps to transition from Amber to Green, check Amber, Orange and Green. If it helps master one consciousness level, just check that one. More is not better, we are looking for an accurate view.
Developmental Lines *
Please, check all developmental lines that are affected by the usage of the organization developmental technology. If you miss one, check "other" and name it. Focus on the line(s) that benefit most from this technology.
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Both horizontal development (making a certain level healthier so it is a stronger foundation for next levels) and vertical development (helping to grow to the next level) are important. It depends on the situation what is needed (first). The result of this organization development technology is
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Size of the investment
What kind of investment is necessary to apply the technology to have a meaningful effect?
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Size of organization
Please, select all sizes (number of Full Time Employees) where the technology can be used effectively
What is the superpower of the technology?
Please, describe the superpower of this technology in one or two words or a sentence
Please, list all keywords (divided with a comma) that are connected to this technology. Think about what people would type into a search engine when they are looking for this.
Risks of introducing the technology
Please, describe in a few sentences what kind of danger lies ahead when the technology is being introduced? e.g. when introducing agile mindset or Holacracy to an organization it is expected that roughly 10% of people will leave, because the new paradigm is not safe for them. Vertical technologies are in general riskier than horizontal ones.
Does it need to be guided by a trained facilitator/trainer/coach/consultant?
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Examples of success
Please, briefly describe a situation where the technology was used successfully and the effect that it had on the organization. It would be helpful if you used the STAR formula (Situation, Task, Action, Result), but feel free to describe in your own words.
Example of failure
Please, briefly describe a situation where the technology was used unsuccessfully and the lack of effect or negative effect that it had on the organization. It would be helpful if you used the STAR formula: Situation, Task, Action, Result.
Resource tips, books and website
Please, provide pointers on how to learn more about the technology. What short summary video, website, book, etc. would you recommend?
Any last remarks?
Write anything you want to tell us about this questionnaire, about the reinventing organizations tools mapping project, about your availability for future involvement, etc.
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