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When signing up for positions, remember that there is much more than 'seniority' taken in to account. You will need experience, proper work ethic, and extensive technical knowledge to receive spots. Certain positions will go to upperclassmen based on their experience and prior knowledge.
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Due to a large interest in joining the Football Crew, certain positions may require an audition or portfolio. You will be contacted if such is necessary.
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IMPORTANT! Read the following:
For the games:
If chosen to be a part of the BSTN Football Production Crew, you will be required to attend EVERY Home Football Game for the ENTIRE EVENT. Most games will have a 4:00pm call time. This crew also has the possibility of filming playoff games at our home stadium. If you cannot attend a game, you must fill out an excuse form at least 2 weeks prior.
You may be picked for 1 or more of the positions. This may or may not be one of the positions you signed up for depending on your experience and prior knowledge. This position may also change through the season depending on performance. If you are not picked for one of the main spots, don’t worry, you will be a production assistant. This may include a camera, wireless, or communications assistant. A production assistant is generally given to first years (unless prior knowledge is abundant) and can change throughout the season. Keep in mind that positions such as Director typically go to more experienced students.
You will receive a separate grade for filming Football Games since it requires so many extra hours and more responsibility. This will be a 100pt grade going towards the first 9 weeks. Playoff games that move into the second grading period will be counted in the second 9 weeks.
What to expect:
The Friday night football games are very large format productions. The games are very busy and fast paced, but also very rewarding. Up to 6,000 people are watching your performance and work. You will be expected to know your position well and be able to prepare, produce, and teardown your work and stations. You will receive a food ticket to get food and a drink at the concessions since most call times will be at 4pm. Call times will be given the week of the game.
Shirts will be $11 for Production T's:
Production Shirt (Checks made payable to BSTN)

What is your shirt size? *
Dates to Mark Down:
Video Highlight Shoot (Strongly Recommended)
2:00pm Monday, August 12

Pregame Training (Mandatory):
3:00pm Wednesday, August 28 (After school)

Regular Season Games (Mandatory): SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Complete dates will be sent in May
Friday, August 30
Friday, September 20
Friday, September 27
Friday, October 25
Friday, November 1

Based on the annual rotation of schedules, Boardman's first game is home. So our training session on August 28 and first game on August 30.
Game Time Info:
4:00pm - Call Time (Time to arrive at the Stadium)
4:05pm - Set up stations (Cameras, TriCaster, Graphics, etc.)
5:00pm - Equipment test run
5:10pm - Food break (Concession vouchers will be given)
5:45pm - At station ready to film
6:00pm - Pregame production begins
7:00pm - Game begins
10:00pm - Teardown
10:20pm - Studio Production Overview
10:30pm - Ride pickup

**These times are very general and subject to change from game to game**
**Do not be late to Call Time**
General Info
Being that the games are such a large format production, understand that you will be part of a team. This team depends on everyone. We lift each other up and help one another. You will work very closely with your team. This is truly a great experience to learn how to work as a team in a real life setting. The time you spend working this team will require many hours, but be a very rewarding experience (just ask the upperclassmen).

You will be working with professional and expensive equipment. Treat it as such!
List and medical information you believe is important (This is kept confidential).
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