August First Friday "Country: Portugal"
For 2019’s First Friday in Tokyo, we will visit a restaurant of a different country each month.

August First Friday
DATE: Friday, August 2nd, 2019 "Country: Portugal " 
TIME: 19:00~21:00
VENUE: VILAMOURA 赤坂サカス店(ヴィラモウラ)
ADDRESS: 東京都港区赤坂5-3-1 赤坂Bizタワー1F
Akasaka Biz Tower 1F,
5-3-1 Akasaka , Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5545-7735
Japanese only:

COST: 6,000 yen per person including dinner and drinks

*CLOSING DATE: July 25th, 2019

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