Cross-Institutional Enrolment Application

This form is to be completed by students of The University of Melbourne who are seeking permission to include in their course one or more subjects taught by another Australian institution.

In order to consider your application you must follow the below steps:

1.Gather supporting documents (official subject description and statement explaining your reasons to request cross-institutional studies)

2. Seek academic approval. Academic approvals should be presented in the form of a letter/email confirming the following:
a) that the subject/s applied for are deemed to be of an equivalent academic standard to subjects taught at the University of Melbourne (please note: the program coordinator should also indicate the credit points to be awarded upon successful completion of each approved subject);
b) that similar subjects to those applied for are not available at the University of Melbourne (this may be waived if students are requesting to study interstate under exceptional circumstances)

2. Submit this form ensuring all relevant information is provided

3. Go to and submit an official subject description, academic approval and statement. Label your enquiry as "Student number - Cross institutional outgoing application - Supporting documents". When submitting your enquiry go to "submit an enquiry" under current study, after logging in please select the category "Subject admin" and then "Study plan assistance"

Please note that your application can only be considered when we receive all supporting documents, academic approval and this online form.

More information about cross-institutional enrolments and eligibility can be found at: