Supporting Documents
Please use this form to upload the supporting documents indicated in your 2018 Market Application. The documents will be kept in your file, and help us ensure you have the correct licensing for your product as well as provide a base level of transparency behind your process.

GROWERS- any required licensing, and copies of seed order purchase receipts or plant transplant purchase receipts/invoices or perennial plants ownership documentation.
RETAILER- any required licensing, and wholesale purchase receipts or u-pick receipts
PRODUCER- any required licensing or cottage food labels, and production/processing/mill invoices or whole food purchase receipts or ingredient purchase receipts or animal feed purchase receipts
ARTISAN- pictures of your process or finished product

If the form does not work for any reason, please email documents to Gaby at, or mail to PFC Markets at 507 Harrison St Kalamazoo, MI 49007.

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