Participation in ASMR Projects
The purpose of this form:
This form is intended to collect your experiences and thoughts about ASMR, as well as, your interest in participating in ASMR projects.

This form was created by ASMR University ( to help researchers, journalists, authors, media producers, and others find quotes and participants for their projects.

Your responses to this form may be quoted in a book that is currently being written about ASMR by Dr Craig Richard, and will help to determine if you are suitable to be quoted or contacted for other current and future projects related to ASMR.

Important information
This is a long form and could take you 30 - 60 minutes to complete.

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Feel free to delay starting this form until you have access to a mechanical keyboard and a 30 - 60 minute window of time available.

Who is eligible?
Anyone 18 years or older who does or doesn't experience ASMR.
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