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Current Status[What is the current stage of the Idea – Idea stage, working prototype  etc.]
VALUE PROPOSITION (PRODUCT/SERVICE)[Description of the benefits of the proposed end product and how it is differentiated from competitors (unique selling proposition). It is important to be brief and clear]
Market data: a) Total market  b): Target segment  c): Historic and Projected data about market size Market trends
How to get your product/service to reach your market  [if Product: Logistics, inventory, partnerships, etc. if Services: Freemium apps, advertising, etc.]
COMPETITION/ SUBSTITUTES (Current, Future competitors    a)Competitive product   b)Points of similarity and differentiation with others.                      USP of your Company :      a) Intellectual Property   b) Market Barriers for others to enter/sustain      c) Self-Sustenance
RISKS AND MITIGATION [Outline current and potential commercial issues or risks that may affect pathways to market and  how you will address/manage these risks. Risk can include Commercial, IP and Technical risk]
What support you expect from COER Incubation and Innovation Centre to help you to convert your idea into successful Enterprise/startup
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