Senior High School Graduates Tracer Study Questionnaire
WARNING: This form is for the SOLE use of GRADUATES from DepEd MANILA Only.

INSTRUCTIONS: This questionnaire is intended for Senior High School Graduates. It aims to trace the situation (i.e. status, academic, employment and other experiences of the graduates of the K to 12 Curriculum. Your inputs will help to achieve the objectives of the Tracer Study. Thus, please read and answer all the questions accurately and honestly. Please be assured on the following:

1. Your participation as well as all the inputs will be highly confidential.
2. You may opt to stop if you decided not to participate.
3. Your answers will not affect in any way with your present school performance or ranking.
4. You may use English or Filipino language in answering each question.
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1. School where you finished SHS Program *
2. School Address: *
3. Gender *
4. Present Age *
5. Civil Status *
6. If married: Number of Children
7. SHS Program *
8. Did you take National Certification (NC) *
9. If yes, what level of NC did you take? *
10. What is the result of the NC Assessment? *
11. Current Occupation *
12. Follow-up to your answer in No. 11: Why or why not? *
13. What are your future plans? *
14. What are your IMMEDIATE/PRIMARY reasons for not going to any of the four (4) Curriculum Exits (Higher Education, Employment, Business/Entrepreneurship or Mid-Level Skills Development Program) *
15. If you answered "OTHERS" in No. 14, please provide details:
16. Do you think the SHS program equipped you to be in any of the four (4) curriculum exits? *
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