Prismata Alpha Event Feedback + Suggestion Box
As we continue to develop Prismata, we're asking you—our Prismata alpha users—for ideas on what you'd like to see in the game. This time, we're asking you about events and cosmetics.
How would you rate the events that you've tried so far?
Rate each event out of 5
1 - not fun
2 - slightly fun
3 - moderately fun
4 - very fun
5 - extremely fun
N/A or never tried
Week 1 - "Legends" mode
Week 2 - "No rush" mode
Week 3 - Enhanced base structures
Week 4 - Crazy Gold
Week 5 - Mega Impulse
Week 6 - Biological Warfare
Week 7 - Xelgudu vs Plato
Of the events you tried, which was your favourite?
Which of the following possible features of events are appealing to you? *
For each feature, identify how appealing you find it:
1 - not interesting
2 - slightly interesting
3 - moderately interesting
4 - very interesting
5 - extremely interesting
Events that modify existing Prismata units or test out unit variations
Events with handicaps, e.g. higher rated players receive less time.
Events that have an extremely high skill ceiling.
Events with a lot of randomness (RNG)
Events that are more friendly to new players (e.g. "no rush" mode).
Scheduled tourneys (e.g. Swiss-style).
Events that raffle away a prize for participation.
Events focused on a particular subset of Prismata units (e.g. all multicolour units, breachproof units, red units, etc.).
Competitive "warzone" events, e.g. where the goal is to win as many bullet games as possible in an hour.
A league of many events with rewards dependent on your participation in multiple events.
Events focused around alternate Prismata starting configurations.
Events focused on wacky/unusual/bizarre game rules.
Events focused on fast gameplay (blitz/bullet, 30 seconds for the whole game, etc.)
Should 2E Auric Impulse be permanent?
In the most recent event, we experimented with a version of Auric Impulse that was priced at 2E and produced 3 gold. Do you think that we should permanently replace the existing Auric Impulse in Prismata with this one?
Suggestion boxes
Share your ideas with us on what you'd like to see!

You can write as little or as much as you want.

Legal note to keep the trolls at bay: By entering suggestion(s) in the boxes below, you agree that Lunarch Studios Inc. may use your suggestions (or modifications thereof) in Prismata without any credit, attribution, or payment to you, and that you waive all rights to your suggestions.

Event idea suggestion box
Do you have any ideas for an event that you'd like to see in Prismata? Let us know:
Your answer
How can we make events better?
Your answer
Emote suggestion box
Any requests for Prismata emotes? Could be both text emotes or animated/image-based emotes.
Your answer
Skin suggestion box
Is there a particular skin that you'd like to see in Prismata?
Your answer
VO suggestion box - What kind of voiceovers would you like to see on Prismata units?
For example, do you have a request for what a specific Prismata unit should say when it is constructed, attacks, or dies?
Your answer
Final Feedback
Any other feedback about Prismata at all?
Your answer
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