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Requests are CLOSED right now. Sorry there's just been quite a lot of requests lately and I want to catch up with all the ones I do have. Anyone who requested a review in the last month and got accepted will get an email from me soonish. ~ Izy.

Please fill the form below if you're interested in us reviewing your book.

Please note:
~The book has to be in the romance genre, please see the sub-genres below or on the review policy page.
~We am extremely sorry but currently we are only replying for the books that have been accepted for review because of the number of requests we get.
~Please read the review policy, especially the pet peeves section before submitting.
~Please allow at least two months before the date of publication or the date you want it reviewed.
~You can either email us a digital copy (Mobi, PDF, ePub) or request our address for physical copy of the book. If you have a netgalley or edelweiss and would prefer to send the book through them, you can email us to ask for the email address registered with them.

Thank you for choosing A Fortress of Books for reviewing your work!

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